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Live Jazz from L.A. via The Jazz Network Worldwide to aid the Armsted Christian Fund....

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Next Live Internet Stream Event
Armsted Christian's
2009 Stay In The Light Jazz Series Fundraiser
November 21, 2009
8pm - Midnight
"Click on the link below to watch live"

Support our "Heal A Life With Love" campaign

Armsted Christian needs our help

Updating all of you on Armsted Christian, our spokesperson here in the network for our "Healing a Life With Love" campaign who is suffering from Sarcoidosis. Those of us that are healthy and have the ability to do many of the things our body calls us to do need to rise to this call. I have started the above campaign on behalf of Armsted's need for a bi-lateral lung transplant and what that entails. We will be streaming his fundraiser this coming Saturday 8pm- midnight EST Nov. 21st and taking donations through the site. I hope that all of you will 'tune in' and contribute to his healing journey that comes before him. If you would like to take the stream and put it on your websites to support our "Heal A Life With Love" campaign please get to me, for if we open our hearts and our address books for our friends to watch and give just 'one dollar', we can help him get through the rough spots of this journey. Am asking too much? I guess I'm asking for something back now...I know you will love what he is sharing for he will bring a part of every area of his talent to all of us with his open heart of gratitude. Be sure to go see the website I created that supports his foundation for Sarcoidosis research and education. where you can also donate to his life as well as to learn more about this dis-ease.

I know you all know me by now, my heart wants to help, we are all a part of this great community of jazz, can we collectively get behind him and support a life as it takes its walk to a lung transplant? I'll be manning the chat that night, come hang with me, enjoy some great fellowship of heart, friendship and song and most importantly to support our brother Armsted.

See you there,



"If we open our hearts and our address books for our friends to watch and give just 'one dollar', we can help him get through the rough spots of this journey."


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Armsted Christian Interview Umass Dartmouth Radio - Sunday, Nov. 15, 2009 2:00pm - 3:00 pm



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