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DVD's For Sale

Purchase any dvd on the list below

DVD001 - Maria DeBarros Live from the Rotch-Duff house (outside) 7/10/05 $10.00

DVD002 - Armstead Christian live from Hawthorn Country Club,June 2005 $10.00

DVD003 - 2006 Millennium Fashion Show from The Fisherman's Club July 2, 2006 $10.00

DVD004 - 2006 All male fashion show from the Band Club, July 2006 $10.00

DVD005 - Swimwear fashion show from the Legacy by Ileana Hernandez $10.00

DVD006 - 2005 Christmas Contata from the International Church of the Nazarene $10.00

DVD007 - Candida Rose live form the Vets Hall (Sunday Tea) $10.00

DVD008 - Cheryl and Wayne Thomas's Wedding (slideshow) $15.00

DVD009 - Kim and BJ Evora's Wedding (slideshow with music) 52 Mins $15.00

DVD010 - Christine and Allan Lagasse's Wedding and Honeymoon w/music 75 mins $20

DVD011 - Jazzy Lady's Soul Revue Performance 73 mins $10.00

CD0001 - Jazzy Lady's Soul Revue Soundtrack 73 mins $10.00

DVD012 - Candida Rose Live Mike Monteiro's Ch95 Show - $10.00 (1 hr)



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Open all night on Friday's and Saturday's