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Ben Rose Golf Tournament Photos

1970 West End Riot from Say Brother

Read about Curtis Grace Jr. and his fight against Leukemia


Tony Costa's 80th Birthday Party Photos

LA's Jazzy appears at The Sky Room

The Brooks Family Photos

LA - I Fly Photos

Ben Rose Golf Tournament Photos

Julie Dias's 50th Birthday Party Photos

Tavares honored at Hawthorne CC - Jan 30, 2010

Union St. Bar & Grill Dec. 18th Pixs

Mikey's Birthday Party at Union St Bar & Grill

Tony Almedia's 90th Birthday Party

Orlando Fl. HALLOWEEN NIGHT 2009

If You Ever Loved Someone and Lost Video


Special thanks to Mr. Walter Beasley for a very special evening of great music at the Sky Room last night. Walt although the other performers were outstanding you and your music brought such joy to those in attendance. The way you play the horn and the way you sing those songs just please us in a way that will stay with us for a long, long time and you left us wanting and craving more. Thank you for coming to New Bedford and sharing your amazing talent with us, we do greatly appreciate you and your music. You are also a very amazing person and we thank you for that too.
Stay well my friend and hope our paths cross again.
Mike Monteiro


Armsted Christian July 4, 2009 Fundraiser featuring Walter Beasley (Photos)



Bisca Club Softball Game Sept 13, 2009

Click on Jamie's picture

Jamie Foxx Concert Photos
Aug 20, 2009 - Boston

Armsted Christian July 4, 2009 Jazz Event featuring Walter Beasley

Armsted Christian March 2009 Benefit Photos

2009 Onset Cape Verdean Festival

** Lincoln Park Dartmouth Photos **

2009 Whaling City Festival Photos

2009 Cape Verdean Parade

2009 Cape Verdean Parade shot by David Oliveira

2009 Cape Verdean Scholarship Awards - Photos by Robert Hughes



(Order West End Reunion Prints)

Cookie Ambrose's Retirement & Graduation

(Click here to order any of Cookie's photos)

2009 Band Club Men Fashion Show - Raining Men

2009 Band Club Men's Fashion Show shot by Bob Hughes

Cindy Gregory's Benefit Photos w/Music

Cindy Gregory's Benefit Photos

My Mother's 80th Birthday

Swimsuit Fashion Show From The Sky Room

Click on link to listen to WUMD FM 89.3 live

The Dave Reis Jazz Show Photos from Feb. 15, 2009
WUMD FM 89.3 UMass Dartmouth
With guest Diane Richardson & Armsted Christian

Click on link to listen to WUMD FM 89.3 live

Armsted Christian Benefit


Me and Ray Allen
Ray Allen - Celtics opening night
Click on photo to see my Celtics opening night pixs

Click on photo to see my Celtics opening night photos


2008/2009 Boston Celtics Opening Season

Read Ralph Tavares Standard Times Story


Mikey Life's Birthday Party Pixs at Sky Room

My son's latest Standard Times article

February 15, 2009 Sky Room Jazz Brunch Photos

Sky Room Jazz Brunch (Flickr)


Sky Room Inaugural Ball 2009


Click on picture to see BBA Tournament Pixs
Burgo Basketball Association

2008/2009 Boston Celtics Opening Season Photos

9-18 40th Anniversary & Awards Night

Mary Jane Deperino Birthday Party Pixs

See Mikey's BET interview from South Africa while on tour with Maxwell

Madonna - Sticky & Sweet Concert Slideshow w/music October 16, 2008 - Boston, Mass.

Madonna Boston Concert Photos

Madonna and Kevin talk to Melinda during concert


Mikey on tour with Maxwell (boston show)


Mikey Life At The Sky Room (Photos)


Mary Jane Deperino Birthday Party Pixs

Madonna Sticky & Sweet Concert Boston, Ma. Oct. 16, 2008 (Select Galleries)

Madonna - Sticky & Sweet Concert slideshow w/music (October 16, 2008 - Boston, Mass.

John Maguire Dinner With Friends

2008 Onset Cape Verdean Festival

Rich Perry's Family Cookout

Dias Family Cookout at Hazelwood Park

2008 South Coast Gospel Festival Photos


Rich Perry's Family Cookout

Dias Family Cookout at Hazelwood Park

2008 South Coast Gospel Festival



Burgo's Basketball Complex Web Site

Here and Now at Candleworks (Michele's Birthday)

Mikey Life At The Sky Room (Photos)


Hill's Reunion II (The Sequel) Photos - April 18, 2008

More Hill's Reunion Pics by Michelle


Ex-Pro football player/Model/Actor/Activist/Author Bill Overton was is town and I caught up with him (thanks to Jeannie Costa) to discuss his new book, "The Media, Shaping the Image of a People". The show was recorded live from the New Bedford Cable Access Studio (the studio by the sea) on March 8, 2008 and will air sometime in April. Bill was interviewed by my guest host and his good friend ex pro football player Robert "Bubba" Pena, it was a great show and you don't want to miss it. Please stay tune for more details.

Thanks to Jeannie Costa and Robert Pena for their outstanding contribution to this show and it was a great one.

A special thanks to Bill Overton for taking time out to discuss his book, his life, and his background and also for sharing his thoughts about his book.

Actor/Author Bill Overton


Click on photo to see others


Julia Antunes 90th Birthday Party
She looks marvelous
Click on photo to see birthday pics

Click on picture to see all party photos
Jordyn's 2 Year Old Birthday Party
Happy Birthday Jordyn

Jordyn's Brithday Photos with music Select the Slideshow option

Click on picture to see all photos
Kevin Antunes at TD North Boston w/J Timberlake

Jazzy Ladys Soul Revue at Club Altitude 11-23-07

Hill's Reunion (On YouTube)

Hill's Reunion (The Movie)

Hill's Reunion (The Photos)

Chris Mendes North Smithfield High Football Game Pixs Sept. 22, 2007

Click on photo below to see Mikey perform with Corbin Bleu at the Bank of America Pavilion in Boston on Aug 25, 2007.

Mike performs with Corbin Bleu in Boston Aug 25
 Click on photo to see the live performance

Dave, Corbin Bleu, Mikey Life, Dad
Corbin Bleu and his Dad, Mikey Life and his Dad

Shanon & Ray, Welcome to Boston

My wife and I recently had the pleasure of hangin out with Ray Allen and his lovely fiance Shanon (insert, she took the photo). Ray is one of the newest additions to the Boston Celtics and we are glad to have him on the team and we look forward to watching him play in the Celtics green. We were all guest of Kevin Antunes at the recent Justin Timberlake concert at the Fleet Center, Ray and Shanon are long time friends of Kevin and we got to spend some quality time together.

Look for my article on Ray Allen in an upcoming Cape Verdean News edition.

Kevin Antunes with friends Ray Allen, Shanon & Sis

Kevin Antunes poses with friends Ray Allen, Shanon and Shanon's sister at his recent concert at the TD BankNorth Garden in Boston.


2007 Onset Cape Verdean Festival

2007 SouthCoast Gospel Festival at Ft. Taber (press pf11 after link selection to open and close window)

2007 Cape Verdean Scholarship Awards

2007 Cape Verdean Recognition Scholarship Awards (Full Size)

2007 Cape Verdean Recognition Scholarship Awards (Candids)

Bonita & Gene Monteiro Specials

Jason Monteiro's 40th Birthday Party Pics


Jason Monteiro's 40th Birthday Party (Candids)


Read my Brand New Flava CVN article here

Brand New Flava
Brand New Flava
Click on photo to see other photos

Read my Here and Now CVN article here

Here and Now Appearances
Friday and Saturday, August 31 & September 1
at the Candleworks

Michele Hill & Joe Almeida are 'Here & Now'
To book call (401) 273-6017 or (508) 863-3009
Click on picture to see performance photos

Click on photo to enter Jazzy Lady's website
Click on this photo to enter our website
Make sure you check out this dynamic group

Jazzy Lady's Soul Revue Show - to air on Ch 95 Wednesday, August 15, 2007 at 7:00pm every Wednesday for the next four weeks.

Click here to order pics from Eugenia's birthday party

Click on picture to see my birthday pictures

Eugenia Dias 75th Birthday Party

The Copycats of Providence perform at the Vets

My Special Photo Album

Renee and Paul Sylvia's Wedding

Click here to order Rene and Paul Wedding Photos
Click here to order photos

Keeping the Fire - In The Dark Moon Times (ECHO)

Christine and Alan Lagasse's Wedding Photos

Kim and BJ's Wedding Pixs

Legacy Fashion Show(my space)

Legacy Fashion Show (Webshots)

Bobby Brown visits Mikey Life in New Bedford Monday Sept. 18, 2006 to check out Mikey's new cd Love & Hate and to maybe work on a project in LA.


See the other Bobby Brown pics here

Lydia and John Russo's Wedding Photos

New Wave Cafe - Abstrakt Ent. CD Release Party (On my space)

Mikey's CD release party at the New Wave Cafe(Webshots)

Tommy O'Connor's 59 1/2 Birthday Party


Hangin with Justin Timberlake
Avalon Boston,Ma August 26, 2006

Melinda with Dennis Edwards (The Temptations)
August 18, 2006


2006 John Cafferty & The Beaver Brown Band featuring Mike "Tunes" Antunes

2006 Onset Cape Verdean Festival

Downtown SkateBoarders (tripod website)

Downtown Skateboarders (MYSPACE WEBSITE)

Gene Monteiro's 60th Birthday Party

2006 Legacy Fashion Show

The fashion line is illwear the designer is ileana Hernandez

When pics appear press pf11 key to view pixs on full screen


Click here to check out ileana hernandez's website


2006 Whaling City Festival (Friday)

2006 Cape Verdean Recognition Day Parade pixs

Desirae Mitchell's Pixs

Band Club All Male Fashion Show 2006

Band Club Fashion Show 2006 Pics

Bay Village Flea Market

Chris and Shanna's Wedding Reception

Marcus Monteiro Quartet at Bridge St Station

Club Xscape pixs from April 15, 2006


Click here to see pictorial tribute to Mr. Richard Prior (Adult Content)

Click on picture to see all photos
Click on picture to see all photos by Mike

Mr. Harrison's 90th Birthday Bash

Click on pix to see The Eagles Valentines Party
Eagles Valentine Party
with music

Eagles Valentines Day Party

Mayor Scott Lang pics

TIGER WHO ???? Butt whoopin at Arnie's place

Kiss 108s Matty in the Morning
with Matt Segal

Joe Mendes Golf Tournament Website

Burgo's Basketball Association Pictures

Mr. Harrison's 90th Birthday Bash

Onset VFW Childrens Charity 2005

2005 Cape Verdean Festival in Onset, Mass.

Marie Hick's 60th Birthday Party

More Marie Hicks Birthday pictures here

Band Club Mens Fashion Show Album 1

Band Club Mens Fashion Show Album 2

Journey through our Village 2005

Lynsey Graces' Graduation Party May 28, 2005

Donna and Peter's charity pictures

Bonesy's Benefit Pictures

Brook and Tony Strickland's Wedding Pics

Play special Be Happy message to all

See my sample photos (Weddings,Concerts,Anniversaries)

John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band from Padanaram Aug 25, 2004

See all of my photo albums here



A warm and friendly place to dine
Open all night on Friday's and Saturday's