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Here & Now featuring Joe Almeida and Michele

Hill recently performed at the Candleworks

Restaurant in New Bedford. This duet performed

a variety of soulful ballads that kept the dance

floor occupied most of the evening. 


The Candleworks is an excellent restaurant with a

fine cuisine but with Joe and Michele at the mic the

main dining room soon became a place where

everyone quickly migrated to the dance floor to take

full advantage of the soulful sounds from this dynamic duo.


Michele has a great voice with a very impressive range and

her music selections (her Whitney Houston selection

was incredible) kept everyone wanting more. Joe with

his soft soulful style is a wonderful compliment to

Michele and together they are Here & Now.


They are appearing at the Candleworks one weekend a

month so if you get a chance drop by and check Joe &

Michele you won’t be sorry. 


Article & photo by Mike Monteiro

CVN staff photographer